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2019 Member Sale Plants
Event date: December 31, 2019

Plants are listed alphabetically by cultivar. You may search for plants by:

  • NOTE: Due to the large number of cultivars and pictures, displaying all the cultivars in the sale takes about 20-25 seconds, and may timeout. We therefore no longer display all the sale plants when this page is first opened. You should (but are not required to) enter one or more search criteria:
  • Entering all or part of the name in the Cultivar field. If you precede the cultivar search criteria with %, it will search anywhere in the cultivar name. Without the %, the search string must be at the start of the cultivar name.
  • Selecting a particular plant group from the Group box.
  • Selecting a range of cultivar names, by first letter of the name from the Alphabet pick list.
  • Picking a Plant Type. Selecting Azalea will display both evergreen and deciduous azaleas; selecting Rhododendron will display both Elepidote and Lepidote rhododendron.
  • Any combination of the above (all conditions selected must be met).
  • Click the Find button to start the search.
Cultivar: Group: Alphabet: Plant Type:

Plants are priced by pot size, as shown below

4-in: $4.00 3-qt: $8.00 1-gal: $10.00 2-gal: $13.00 3-gal: $16.00 4-gal: $20.00 5-gal: $30.00 7-gal: $40.00 20-gal: $70.00 Vol: $12.00 Seed: $15.00 D0: $20.00 D1: $30.00 D2: $40.00 D5: $20.00

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Group Size (Quantity) Plant Type