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Detailed information for Azalea-Evergreen 'Holly Springs Nymph '
CultivarHolly Springs Nymph
Breeder numberHS 84-X- 01
GroupHolly Springs
Description2’ x 3' wide’. Flowers very soft pink with a lighter throat and margins, plus a prominent rosy-red blotch. Single with some petaloid stamens, broadly funnel-shaped with 5 rounded, overlapping, wavy-edged lobes, 3 ½-4” wide. Blooms midseason; mid-May in Springfield, VA. Plant and bud hardy to -5 F, at least.
Plant tag2’ x 3' wide’. Flowers very soft pink w lighter throat & margins, plus prominent rosy-red blotch. Single, rounded, overlapping, wavy-edged lobes, 3 ½-4” wide. Bloom midseason. Hardy to -5 F.
Plant typeAzalea-Evergreen
Name origin
Seed exchange number
Seed parent‘Nancy of Robinhill’
Pollen parent‘Shinnyo-no-Tsuki’
Introduced in (date) by xxx
Awards or patents
Registration reference2006
Flower color(s)
Inside Outside Blotch Bud
Corolla (flower) form
Corolla (flower) shape
Corolla length
Corolla width
Corolla number of lobes
Corolla lobe margins
Corolla scent
Lobe shape
Number of lobes
Calyx length
Calyx color
Bloom timeMidseason
Leaf color
Leaf sheen
Leaf length
Leaf width
Leaf shapes
Overall Tip Base
Leaf description
Plant height2’
Plant width3'
Height/width years growth10
Plant habit
Plant hardiness-5 F
Bud hardiness-5 F
Years plant holds leaves
Plant propogation ease
Data source
Stock plant
Sales 2016 Green Spring
2016 ARS/ASA Convention
2014 Green Spring Gardens
2013 Fall Auction
2017 Fall Sale & Auction
2017 Parkfairfax Condominiums
2017 Canterbury Woods Festival